Welcome to EquiMassage!

My name is Elena Kudina, I am a certified equine sports and rehabilitation massage therapist. I got my qualification from Helen Wooley at  Equissage Europe and I am a member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therpists (the IAAMT).

I was born in Moscow, Russia, where I have been practicing horse massage therapy since 2014. I moved to London in January 2018 following my daughter who goes to London primary school.

So why is massage so good for horses?

When we see a massage therapist next to a human athlete it does not surprise us, on the contrary, there are hardly any athlete who does not use massage whilst training, but when it comes to a massage for a horse, quite often people are puzzled and consider it an extravagance. But what if I told you that horses’ muscles work just like ours and the effect of massage is the same as on any athlete’s muscles.  With an important difference though, if a horse suffers from muscle pain, it won’t tell you but will compensate the injured muscle with other muscles. And it will keep on doing that with new and new muscles until all muscles wear off. It can last for years until the horse completely lose its movement range and flexibility.  So instead of waiting for that to happen, it is just logical to have a minor problem fixed. 

It is also important to remember that muscle problems in most cases are the consequence and not the reason. It can be porely trimmed hooves, problems with teeth, wrong posture of a rider or wrong exercise scheme or a badly fitted saddle. In anyway, Equimassage will help you to determine what made muscles react in the way they did, and with a course of massage sessions will help to bring your horse’s muscles to its best condition.

Massage is also a must do if you are trying to grow on muscles in your horse.

Here are just some of the most obvious benefits of professional massage:

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation, removes toxins
  • Promotes healing processes and prevents the formation of tissue adhesions at the place of an injury
  • Tones muscles and removes tension and spasms
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints
  • Reduces the risk of sports injuries
  • Accelerates the recovery time after illness or injury
  • Increases range of movements and flexibility
  • Maintains the body in its peak physical shape

All this leads to improved athletic performance and achievements and has a great effect on the behavior of the horse.

If you still doubt whether massage can help your horse, I will be happy to discuss this with you by phone 07445033347,  or you can email me to elena@equimassage.ru. You can also contact me via the link to my Facebook page.